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Pomegranate Floorcare – HOST System

In North Wales Andrew Jones of Pomegranate is having great success with the HOST system and his story is featured in Tomorrows Cleaning – CLICK HERE Morrigan Mason, Deputy Director of Bodelwyddan Castle, who commissioned the cleaning programme says
“The carpets at Bodelwyddan Castle are a real feature. They have over 60,000 pairs of feet walking over them
every year and people like to see their amazing colours and design, created from carefully researched archival
patterns. The organic dry cleaning solution Andrew Jones provided was ideal. The process was quick and there
was no use of water or harsh chemicals, which meant the collections were safe. Andrew also has an expert
knowledge of how the carpets are made and was trusted to carry out minor repairs as part of the service.

The effect of the clean has been impressive and the carpets have a new brightness to them.”
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