Anti Resoil Blue Label Detergent

Anti Resoil Blue Label Detergent Esprit & Aridex Systems

Anti Resoil Blue Label DetergentAnti Resoil Blue Label Detergent is a Low pH detergent concentrate. It is specifically formulated for professional Low Moisture cleaning of wool, cotton, natural fibres and upholstery fabrics. This is a WoolSafe approved detergent and has anti-resoil characteristics built into this detergent.

When to Use

When cleaning all natural content carpet and upholstery fabrics, wool, cotton and blends. Where the fibre content is unknown or suspected to contain natural fibres, the von Schrader Low pH Detergent will give optimum performance with a high margin of safety. Consider using PRELIM as a pre-spray on heavily soiled upholstery.

Why to Use

Anti Resoil Blue Label Detergent is safe for all carpet fibres. With appropriate colour tests Low pH Detergent can be used on the most valuable and delicate oriental or domestic carpet and upholstery.

Anti Resoil Blue Label Detergent Data

Dilution Ratio: 21:1 to 32:1 (Approx 3% to 5% depending on soiling). One litre liquid of detergent concentrate will produce enough solution to clean approximately 80 sq metres (840 sq ft) of carpet or equivalent upholstery area. pH Factors: 8.0 (in concentrate form) 7.5 (in dilute solution). The concentrate makes a minimum of 75 litres of detergent. Price : £31.35 ex VAT per bottle (that’s as little as £0.42 per litre, diluted).


Looking for a career change?

Considering a career change and want to consider the Professional Upholstery Cleaning market? Please call us for an informal and strictly no obligation discussion. Full leasing packages and comprehensive training arrangements are available. The systems we market have been continuously developed over the past 35 years. Some of our equipment which we have in our workshop for annual servicing is 15 plus years old! Finally, one area that professional upholstery cleaners don’t look forward to cleaning is pigmented leather suites and chairs.  It is good to note that – that’s no problem with the Aridex or Esprit system.