Cleaning and Maintaining Textured Hard Flooring

Cleaning and Maintaining Textured Hard Flooring such as laminated, grouted and textured hard flooring can be a real challenge. More people are becoming aware of the effectiveness of Host von Schrader’s Dry Extraction Carpet cleaning system in keeping carpet looking its best. However, many do not realise that the system is ideal for cleaning these types of flooring as well

Cleaning and Maintaining Textured Hard Flooring
LVT Flooring Before and After

Using the HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning system to clean laminated vinyl tile (LVT)  and laminate flooring is now becoming common practice in the US.  It works extremely well, on textured types of flooring – with a wood grain effect for instance. By using the HOST® SPONGES and our more resilient red brushes flooring is cleaned without the need for any moisture remaining on the surface. The specially designed brushes will ensure that damage does not occur.

Compared to more traditional methods of cleaning hard flooring, the Host System has some real advantages. The most important being that efficient dry cleaning of these floor coverings is always better than wet cleaning. This is due to a safety point of view as well as a health and environmental point of view. Also, dry means that the flooring area is not out of use because it’s dry immediately.

The ten second grout test will prove how the system can work on hard floors