Here’s a way to help solve difficulties in cleaning Triexta fibre carpets using the Host System. Triexta is a polyester fibre. The chemical name is PTT, Poly Trimethylene Terephthalate. You will hear these brand names SmartStrand® or Corterra® for Triexta. This fibre is different from PET, Poly Ethylene Terephthatlate, which is the fibre made from recycled soda bottles.

Most cleaning and maintenance issues with Triexta seem to be related to oil-based soiling. We have had success cleaning Triexta fibre carpets by following this procedure which has been tested successfully by HOST.

  1. E-VAC® affected area with a HOST Liberator® or Freestyle® extractorVAC® to simultaneously pile lift and vacuum/extract the majority of dry soil from the carpet.
  2. Pre-mist affected area with HOST Spot Remover, used full strength in a light mist.
  3. Apply HOST SJ® (Special Jobs) to no more than 100 square feet (approximately 9 square metres) at a time.
  4. If applying with the HOST HA3 Applicator, use the medium setting. If applying by hand, use one baseball/cricket ball sized handful per square yard (8 square metres).
  5. Brush the HOST SPONGES® throughout the applied area in all directions with the extractorVAC. Brush a minimum of North-South, East-West and North-South. The dirtier the carpet, the more SPONGES and brushing will be necessary.
  6. Extract the soil saturated HOST SPONGES by pile lifting and vacuuming the cleaned area with the HOST extractorVAC.
  7. If soiling is still apparent, repeat steps 2 through 6.

Watch out for big colour changes in the HOST SJ as this shows continued extraction of soil as youa re cleaning Triexta Fibre Carpet.

What is HOST SJ?

HOST SJ is a dry extraction, low moisture carpet cleaner formulated for special jobs. It is a natural, sponge-like material, which we have mixed with water, detergents and a safe-to-use solvent. HOST SJ is white in colour and is especially formulated for white, off-white, pastel and lighter coloured carpets. It is also ideal for cleaning polypropylene and solution dyed nylon.