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Forgotten to Rotate the HOST Sponges Bucket

Have you Forgotten to Rotate the HOST Sponges Bucket with the result that your HOST Sponges are almost too dry or maybe slushy? We can help you avoid this. Simply order a case of 5.4kg buckets and follow these steps.

Order a 412H from our webshop, using our one-time code HOST2017A We will sell it to you at a special price, and this means you will pay slightly less per kilo than the larger 30H bucket.

  1. Use the 4 x 5.4kg (12lb) buckets.
  2. Wash the buckets out and store the buckets – make sure they are clean and dry.
  3. Buy and decant a 30H, scoop for scoop into the four buckets. Doing this results in the chemistry becoming evenly distributed evenly from the 30H into the 412H single buckets.
  4. Keep the buckets sealed and use within four weeks.
  5. Shake the smaller single bucket to distribute the HOST chemistry.

As a result, the problem of dry and slushy HOST, caused if you have forgotten to rotate the HOST Sponges bucket, doesn’t occur. Try this idea and let us know how you get on. We’ve had some reported good results with no problems.

Make sure that your hands, the buckets and the scoop are clean and dry before decanting the HOST Sponges. Let us know how you get on by sending us an email at

HOST SPONGES has a formulation specially formulated for all types of carpets and fibres. The unique formula of water, detergents and safe solvent dissolves and removes most types of soils, spots, spills and dirt. It is the product of choice for the majority of your cleaning needs, from restoration to maintenance.

Carpet Manufacturers

Carpet manufacturers such as Brinton, Desso and The Alternative Flooring Company recommend the HOST System because they have found that it performs well and is safe for all types of carpet. Their experience has been that HOST delivers clean carpet. They find their customer is happy with the long-term appearance of the carpeting. As a result the customer is more inclined to purchase carpet in the future.  Using the HOST System makes this possible and results in long-term, high appearance at a reasonable cost.

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