Host Von Schrader

Gold Brushes OK !!

We’ve previously advised that our Gold Brushes (Code M1019) could not be used with the Freestyle complete with the Extractorvac vacuum – the vacuum had to be demounted.

One of our export customers had a real problem with some degradation of a very soft twist carpet with other cleaning systems. We decided to relook at the attributes of the newer Freestyle machines using the machine as a complete unit. After mFreestyle Gold Brushesuch experimentation it’s now OK to use these brushes with the complete machine. However, our technical people say that “you do have to push/pull it more slowly, though. The soft brushes will not allow forcing it to stroke speeds that equal those of white or stiffer brushes and operators who cannot adapt their stroke speed will be frustrated. Those brushes are what’s right for delicate carpets”.

This is good news because the productivity of the Freestyle machine can be a maintained on delicate carpets and orientals. However, this only applies to machines with a serial number of 9995 and above.

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