Grout Cleaning is easy on unsealed tiles, using HOST Sponges the brushing action of HOST machines easily scrubs the grout and dislodges dirt and grease.

After the test a simple 4 step procedure is all that’s required.

10 Second Grout Cleaning Test 2

First of all make sure that red grout brushes are on the HOST® Machine. Caution: The red grout brushes should only be used on grout, DO NOT use on carpet. HOST® Cleaner contains a balanced blend of water, detergents, wetting agents and natural ingredients that dissolve and trap the dirt and grease.

10 second Grout Cleaning Test 2

Apply a handful of HOST® to each square yard. Don’t apply to more than 25 sq metres at a time or the HOST® may dry out before cleaning is completed. HOST® is safe to use because it does not contain harsh chemicals like bleach or acid and does not emit any noxious fumes.

10 second grout test step 3

Brush with the HOST® Machine as you would on the carpet, North and South and then East and West. The more brushing you do, the better the results will be. HOST® leaves no chemical residue behind to attract dirt and cause rapid resoiling of the grout.

10 second grout test step 4

After brushing, turn on the vacuum and vacuum the HOST® off the floor. The grout will be clean and virtually dry. It may appear slightly darker in colour, but it will brighten up within 15-20 minutes as any residual moisture evaporates.Hard-to-reach areas are cleaned using the HOST® spotZAPPER. Grout is left clean and ready for immediate use.

Try The 10 Second Grout Cleaning Test. Apply HOST® to a small area of grouted tile and brush. On unsealed tiles and as a the result  spectacular cleaning can be seen as this test from a busy Manchester student pub shows. This floor is mopped every day but that can’t stop the build up of soil. HOST cleans the area quickly and very effectively without the usual smearing caused by contemporary mopping methods.

10 second grout test result


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