Household Bleach (Chlorine) and Carpet

The use of Household Bleach (Chlorine) on Carpet is quite an emotive issue. However,  we agree with WoolSafe and don’t think that cleaning any carpet with household bleach is a good idea.

Here are some thoughts:

  • There’s a tendency to over apply chemicals and penetration of Chlorine Bleach into the backing and sub-floor can cause damage. Even if the face fibre is polypropylene which is chlorine tolerant downward migration of the liquid bleach can cause problems
  • Bleaches can damage the fibre and strip colour from other, non-polypropylene carpet in your home. For example, when chlorine bleach is tracked onto other fibres colour damage can ocur. Did you know that wool fibres immersed in Chlorine Bleach will dissolve?
  • Bleach is a potential hazard, especially to children and pets. This is because Chlorine Bleach may dry out but remains active when put back into solution with water, Unless Chlorine Bleach is neutralised, (do you know how to neutralise Chlorine Bleach?), it can be a potential hazard. If your pet comes into the home with wet feet and walks over, or sits, on the area that has been treated with chlorine bleach they could potentially suffer chemical burns. Babies crawl over, and children play on the carpet, why would you put them at risk?
  • Household Bleach (Chlorine) , smells awful even at low concentrations and is not good for your respiratory system. Using bleach in a spray puts droplets into the air and so is much easier to breathe in.
  • There are environmental concerns over Bleach, just look at the warning symbols on the side of the bottle. Bleach pollutes the air and water supply and is one of those chemicals that accumulates over time.
  • Bleach is not a very good cleaner, although a good disinfectant, bleach has no detergency which which we all know is vital for cleaning.

Bottom line

If you want to clean a carpet or just remove a spot then a dedicated carpet spot remover like HOST Spot Remover is the way to do it. Our carpet cleaning kits have all you need in them to solve spotting problems.