Natural Flooring Care need not be as daunting as some people think, whether it’s Sisal, Coir, Seagrass, Jute or even Wool

To help you whether you are a domestic user or professional user of HOST we have got FREE Care instructions specifically for Natural Floorcoverings and Wool carpets. Click on the relevant topic to access these instructions.

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Important Notes about HOST and Natural Flooring Care

Natural Flooring
Natural Flooring (Sisal)

The HOST cleaning system uses soft, organic, natural sponge-like particles to carry the cleaning agents to the floorcovering. These soft SPONGES are safe for the floorcovering. They do not cut or abrade the carpet fibres.

The HOST SPONGES Cleaner has been formulated to be pH balanced with carpet dye. Most dyes used in floor coverings are on the acid side of the pH scale. HOST SPONGES is also slightly acidic and, therefore, it will not affect the dye in the carpet. HOST is the safest way to clean all types of carpet. We have also designed many different types of brushes for the HOST Machines.

Over vigourous brushing or using a brush that’s too abrasive can cause problems. Selecting the correct brush for the carpet is important for best results. By using the wrong brush, it is possible to fuzz the carpet or floorcovering during cleaning. When the correct brush is used, the carpet can be cleaned without fear of texture change or distortion.

Why do Natural Flooring and Carpet Manufacturers recommend HOST?

They recommend the HOST System because they have found that it performs well and is safe. They find their customer is happy with the long-term appearance of the floor covering or carpeting and is more inclined to purchase carpet in the future. The carpet or floorcovering manufacturer wants the customer to be happy with their decision to purchase their product. The HOST System makes that possible because it delivers long-term, high appearance at a reasonable cost.