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Cleaning and Maintaining Textured Hard Flooring

Cleaning and Maintaining Textured Hard Flooring

Cleaning and Maintaining Textured Hard Flooring such as laminated, grouted and textured hard flooring can be a real challenge. More people are becoming aware of the effectiveness of Host von Schrader’s Dry Extraction Carpet cleaning system in keeping carpet looking its best. However, many do not realise that the system is ideal for cleaning these types of flooring as well Using the HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning system to clean laminated Read More..

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart Sharkey

Sharkey had a little accident   Martha Stewart said “I just love the way sisal carpeting looks throughout my homes, but just like any carpet, sisal does not fare well with spills, or the occasional pet accident.  Fortunately, I discovered a remarkable product that does a fantastic job of making those stains disappear.  Its called Host Dry Carpet Cleaner Shaker Pack.   This all-natural product is made up of a balanced blend Read More..

Gold Brushes OK !!

Gold Brushes

We’ve previously advised that it wasn’t possible to use our Gold Brushes (Code M1019) with the Freestyle complete with the Extractorvac vacuum – without demounting the vacuum. Simply the brushes wouldn’t work. However, one of our export customers had a real problem with some degradation of a very soft twist carpet with other cleaning systems. As a result, we decided to relook at the attributes of the newer Freestyle machines Read More..

Household Bleach (Chlorine) and Carpet


The use of Household Bleach (Chlorine) on Carpet is quite an emotive issue. However,  we agree with WoolSafe and don’t think that cleaning any carpet with household bleach is a good idea. Here are some thoughts: There’s a tendency to over apply chemicals and penetration of Chlorine Bleach into the backing and sub-floor can cause damage. Even if the face fibre is polypropylene which is chlorine tolerant downward migration of Read More..

Which HOST Brush Should I use?

Which HOST brush should I use

“Which HOST brush should I use?” is a question that frequently comes up. Usually, this question is followed by “How do I decide when not to use a particular brush?” We sell all HOST machines with a set of white brushes as the standard. The other brushes we offer are available as accessories. We made this decision because we have learned over the years that the white brush is the Read More..

Armature, Field, Carbon Brush Life

Armature, Field, Carbon Brush Life

The brushing unit of the HOST equipment is unique and careful attention needs paying to Armature, Field, Carbon Brush Life. The unit uses an armature and field assembly rather than a swap in motor and operators ask about the life of these various components, the armature, field and carbon brushes. We asked this question of our VP Manufacturing in the USA John Kwasniewcik. Also of Steve Parker who provides our Read More..

Washing Up Liquid

Washing Up Liquid – More of a Problem Maker than Solver? WoolSafe say yes it is and what’s more we agree with them! This is what WoolSafe said. “Which? tested several carpet spot removal products and graded them on price, ease of use and how well they removed spills. Which? also looked at home remedies and, in their wisdom, recommended using washing up liquid to remove spills from carpet. It Read More..

Health Check for HOST Machines

Health Check for HOST machines

If you a HOST machine owner it’s well worth having an equipment Health Check? Having a Health Check every six months will ensure your machine is running at optimal performance and help to keep costs down at annual Service Time. Furthermore, for only £45.00 plus carriage and VAT you can book your machine in and gain some peace of mind. Please note that this is not a service. If we Read More..

Brinton Carpet Approve and Recommend HOST

Brinton Attingham Hall

Brintons were founded in 1783 and have been manufacturing carpet in Kidderminster, UK since then. They are possibly the largest manufacturers of Wool blend carpets in the world and claim the pioneering of the iconic 80% wool/20% nylon blend. We have worked with them in the UK and overseas and they recoomend and endorse our system. Here’s what they say, “Brintons have an established understanding and appreciation of the HOST Read More..

Workshop News – Maintenance Tips from Steve Parker our Engineer

Workshop News

Workshop News – Maintenance Tips from Steve Parker our Engineer Welcome to our workshop news area where you will find useful information and advice regarding your machines. Steve Parker, our engineer is available to answer many questions about our and other machines so either call him on 01244 289256 or email him at If you have the appropriate expertise then you should be able to carry out basic maintenance. Read More..