What is HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner?

HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner is a soft, natural product consisting of millions of absorbent sponges. These “sponges” are moistened with a unique blend of water, detergents and a small amount of safe to use solvent. The SPONGES Cleaner contains and controls all the necessary liquids to dissolve both water soluble and solvent soluble soil.

The HOST SPONGES do a double duty job. First, they carry the liquid cleaning agents to the fibres in a controlled way. Second, they loosen, absorb and hold the soil ready for extraction by vacuuming. With the HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System you are Continue reading HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner – Green, Clean and Dry Carpets


Host Prep Traffic Lane Booster is for use on an highly soiled carpet. We have specially formulated it for use with HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner. It’s highly concentrated, and therefore one gallon of concentrate makes almost 19 litres of ready-to-use solution.

Host Spot Remover, a great, all-around spotter that can remove most any spot or spill when used with HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner. Special emulsion removes grease, oil and water-based spots. MSDS_HOSTExcellentBuy Logo for most gum, tar and hardened food spots.

PRELIM Upholstery Pre Spray

PRELIM™ Upholstery Pre-Spray 3.79 litres (1 US gallon) Code C1659 Esprit & Aridex Systems

General Description:  Prelim Upholstery Pre Spray concentrate is especially formulated to loosen stubborn, heavy soil from even delicate upholstery fabrics. Has a pleasant citrus fragrance that will continue to linger after cleaning has been completed.

When to Use: Prelim should be used prior to cleaning any heavily soiled fabric as a pre-spray treatment. Allow to dwell 10 minutes prior to actual cleaning.

Why to Use: Time-saving Prelim will reduce the need for spotting and attendant abrasion. It makes excessive brushing or cleaning unnecessary. The concentrated pre-spray Prelim can be diluted to suit any soil condition for maximum economy.

Physical Data: Dilution 10.1 to 5.1 pH Factors: 7.3 (in concentrate form) 6.7 (in dilute solution) Price : £36.03 ex VAT per bottle.MSDS_HOSTBuy Logo

If you a HOST machine owner it’s well worth having an equipment Health Check? Having a Health Check every six months will ensure your machine is running at optimal performance and help to keep costs down at annual Service Time. Furthermore, for only £45.00 plus carriage and VAT you can book your machine in and gain some peace of mind.

Please note that this is not a service. If we discover any major faults or machine problems, then we will discuss them with you before we do any further work. The check comprises of drive belt checking, carbon brush check, brush shaft check, electrical check (includes insulation), full clean of the machine and a run test. PAT certificates are available on request for an additional £7.50 plus VAT.

Contact Steve Parker by phone 01244 289256 or by email for more information or to book a Health Check


PREP Traffic Lane Booster is used with the HOST SPONGES in those very difficult areas that resist cleaning. It is a powerful cleaning booster containing professional strength detergents and penetrating solvents. These combine to help break surface tension and emulsify excess oil film which binds dirt to carpet fibres.

Hence PREP Traffic Lane Booster puts extra cleaning power just where you need it; entryways from parking areas, doorways in restaurant kitchens, on hard-to-clean spills such as medicine, thick, greasy food, etc. However, use PREP sparingly, so only in a light mist. PREP is not the cleaner, HOST SPONGES is. Finally, see more at our product page PREP Traffic Lane Booster

Brintons were founded in 1783 and have been manufacturing carpet in Kidderminster, UK since then. They are possibly the largest manufacturers of Wool blend carpets in the world and claim the pioneering of the iconic 80% wool/20% nylon blend. We have worked with them in the UK and overseas and they recoomend and endorse our system. Here’s what they say, “Brintons have an established understanding and appreciation of the HOST carpet cleaning system. The HOST system uses Woolsafe products and is recommended as a suitable system for the care and maintenance of Brinton’s carpets. We are happy to endorse the system as part of a cleaning and maintenance regime within both Commercial and Residential installations.”

HOST recognise that Brinton are a leader in the manufacture of Wool and Wool blend carpets. We agree that wool carpets have a justified reuptation for their long-lasting good appearance, excellent recovery from furniture dents and resistance to soiling and so retention of their colour. Wool carpets repond well to HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning and have a justified reputation for longevity that other fibres seem to lack. However, like all carpets when a spill happens its important to take swift action.

Synthetic fibres, while initially responding well to cleaning, over time seem to clean less and less easily. The reason is that as the fibres get damaged the little cracks and fissures that develop in the individual fibres trap dirt and spillages which then can be impossible to get out again. In carpet cleaning we have a term for this and say the carpet “uglies out”…

When correct cleaning techniques and chemistry are applied wool carpets are easily maintained and retain the highest level of appearance. This is why, despite the slightly higher price tag, they are still the carpet of choice for installations where appearance is paramount.

Use an old toothbrush to keep the FREESTYLE vents clear for a good airflow through the machine

Workshop News – Maintenance Tips from Steve Parker our Engineer

Welcome to our workshop news area where you will find useful information and advice regarding your machines. Steve Parker, our engineer is available to answer many questions about our and other machines so either call him on 01244 289256 or email him at

If you have the appropriate expertise then you should be able to carry out basic maintenance. However, more complex tasks should be carried out by a qualified person. Errors made by an untrained persons can be expensive, dangerous and have legal consequences. If in any doubt STOP and call Steve.

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Buy LogoMSDS_HOSTHost Odor Exploder – Rid the carpet and household areas of bad smells permanently. Devolatilises and absorbs odour molecules instead of just masking them. Ideal for bathrooms, pet areas, garbage disposals – anywhere there is an odour problem.

Much time, effort and expense are required for earning Greenseal Approval and certification such as WoolSafe and Greenseal. You can access marketing information and logos through the Green Seal website at Click on the “green business” tab then click on “using the Greenseal Mark” on the left side of the page. You will be asked to register to access the marketing material. When registering, you can find the HOST and Von Schrader products under the “GS-37 Cleaning Products for Industrial and Institutional Use” product designatiGreenseal Approvalon. Choose HOST or Von Schrader as the product manufacturer. The mark that you will be able to download and use in all of your marketing pieces reads “We Proudly Use Green Seal™ Certified Products”.

This is a great opportunity for you to promote cleaning to your environmentally conscious customers.

For Clean and Dry Upholstery that Looks Its Best Every Day

Aridex Upholstery Care – The Aridex Upholstery Cleaning Machine is the smaller twin of the Esprit. Designed with a smaller footprint and with its lighter weight it’s aimed at the contractor who specialises cleaning upholstery in the domestic market.Aridex Upholstery Cleaning System

A simple and fast method for deep cleaning upholstered furniture anytime without the inconvenience of getting it wet. Great for cleaning all types of fabrics including velvet, jacquard, weaves, tapestry, brocades and even leather.

    • No over wetting
    • Never any shrinkage
    • No sticky residue
    • Can see results immediately
  • Safe for all types of fabrics
  • Easy-to-use
  • Reduces labour costs
  • Most furniture dry and back in service in 30 minutes
  • ASK about our SPECIAL OFFER and get into Upholstery Cleaning

Aridex Upholstery Care

The Aridex machine has a powerful wet/dry vacuum to pre-vacuum the upholstery before cleaning. The machine converts detergent solution into a dry dense foam with only

10% moisture. The unique brushing head, with counter rotating brushes and foam control switch, loosens, breaks down and traps the soil. Because the foam is low-moisture, it only penetrates the fabric and not the backing materials. Once an area is clean, the built in vacuum removes the dirty foam and most fabrics are dry within 30 minutes.

Aridex Upholstery Care is backed by a full range of detergents and associated problem solving cleaning solution deal with a wide range of upholstery cleaning problems.

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