HOST Pre Clean pre-spray for use with HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner. Use on traffic areas, tough spots and greasy, oily dirt. Comes in a handy pump spray bottle.Buy LogoMSDS_HOST

HOST SJ Dry Carpet Cleaner

HOST SJ Dry Carpet Cleaner is formulated for special jobs such as asphalt parking areas track-off or for use on solution dyed nylon, polypropylene, white or off-white wool, Berber and light-coloured carpets.


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Leather Lotion 0.475 litre Code C1769
Esprit & Aridex Systems

Leather Lotion

General Description: Leather Lotion safely strengthens, preserves and nourishes fine leather. It’s a rich creamy liquid that is specially formulated for smooth, finished leather upholstery.

When to Use: For use during or after cleaning finished leather upholstery

Why to Use: To restore and condition cleaned leather and restore natural oils lost in the cleaning process. Also available in Leather Care Combo Pack.

Physical Data: Dilution: Leather Lotion is applied full strength pH Factors: 7.0 (in solution form) . Also available in Leather Care Combo Pack (1 x Leather lather & 1 x Leather Lotion plus Application Mitt).

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Leather Lather 0.95 litre Code C1767
Esprit & Aridex Systems

Leather LatherGeneral Description: Leather Lather has been pH balanced and formulated to effectively clean all types of smoothly, finished leather furniture and vehicle interiors.

When to Use: Use when cleaning finished leather upholstery or goods

Why to Use: For safe and effective cleaning of leather using the Aridex or Esprit Upholstery Low Moisture Soil Extraction System. Also available in Leather Care Combo Pack (1 x Leather lather & 1 x Leather Lotion plus Application Mitt).

Physical Data: Dilution 40ml of liquid cleaner to 1 litre of water pH factors 8.0 in dilute form.

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Esprit Upholstery Cleaning Machine

Fast Drying and Safe for all Fabric

First, the portable, self-contained Esprit quickly dry vacuums dust and surface dirt. Then, a safe, low moisture cleaning agent is applied. Specially designed counter-rotating brushes in the hand held Power Head gently scrub and agitate the dirt and grime loose. A built-in vacuum system immediately extracts the dirt embedded foam which is collected in an easily removable recovery tank.

  • Super-fast drying
  • No over-wetting dangers
  • Seating goes back in use almost immediately
  • No sticky, re-soiling residue remains

How the Esprit dry upholstery cleaning system works
How the Esprit dry upholstery cleaning system works

Fabrics dry extremely fast, giving a fresh new appearance to all types of upholstery fabrics including velvet, raw cotton, Jacquard weaves, tapestries, brocades; even leather.

This unique system’s cleaning agent is only 10% moisture when applied and is also ideal for fabric-covered office partitions, carpet and upholstery spot removal, stairs and risers, as well as vehicle interior detailing. The possibilities are endless. Car, van, mobile home, RV, boat, aircraft seating and interior space can be effectively cleaned, with only minutes of drying time.

The easy to use, lightweight Power Head contains its own safe D.C. motor and 3-way thumb-controlled switch. (An optional side handle can be added for two-handed operation). Dual counter-rotating brushes won’t twist or distort fine fabrics. They do the work while you simply guide the Power Head over the surface. Standard white bristle brushes are for fine fabrics. Optional black stiff bristle brushes are for use on carpet. The dry, airy cleaning agent (only 10% moisture, remember) warms as it flows around the motor housing and onto the brushes. This ingenious design increases cleaning performance and lengthens motor life, thanks to its cooling affect. Recommended safe and effective by the leading furniture and fabric producers.

Saves Time, Labour and Money!

The new and improved Esprit features faster detergent application and extra extraction power for even quicker cleaning and drying. Its new, more rugged design will withstand years of use and abuse. Expensive reupholstering can now be postponed for years with a thorough, safe Esprit cleaning program.

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The Zapper system is a unique way of preventing spots and spills from turning into permanent stains by treating them immediately.

In a commercial setting keep a ZAPPER system on each cleaning cart. Treat spills immediately, even wet spills and prevent spots turning into permanent stains.

Simply remove excess moisture with an absorbent cloth. Apply HOST sponges, brush North/South and leave HOST sponges to trap and absorb remaining liquid.

Vacuum up soiled HOST at your convenience. Not a slip, fall or health hazard.

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The Liberator Carpet Cleaning Machine from HOST Host Liberator Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning Machineprovides deep carpet cleaning in large areas. It has greater dry soil removal than conventional vacuums and superior removal of HOST dry carpet cleaner. The  Liberator machine opens up the pile and removes deep down dry dirt before chemical cleaning begins. This power pile brushing is a key step in effective cleaning as the majority of dirt in any carpet is dry. The vacuuming power using the extractorVAC is at an industry beating 130cfm (or over 60 litres per second). Unlike other manufacturer specifications this is with the standard filters fitted. The filtration system is 99% efficient at 1 micron.

The Liberator Carpet Cleaning Machine

  • Power vacuums lawn mower style up to 6,000 square feet per hour.
  • Has greater dry soil removal than conventional vacuums.
  • Pile Lift carpets with the Liberator counter rotating brush system. Revive matted traffic lanes and dislodge soil from carpet fibres for deep cleaning.
  • Superior at removing damp HOST SPONGES.
  • On board tools reduce trips back to the cleaner’s cupboard.
  • Excellent for cleaning grouted tile floors, too – try the 10 second grout cleaning test

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HOST Sponges, Fragrance Free, and HOST SJ is a soft, natural product consisting of millions of absorbent sponges. These “sponges” are moistened with a unique blend of water, detergents and cleaning agent. The SPONGES Cleaner contains and controls all the necessary liquids to dissolve both water soluble and solvent soluble soil.

The HOST SPONGES do a double duty job. First, they carry the liquid cleaning agents to the fibres in a controlled way. Second, they loosen, absorb and hold the soil in control for extraction by vacuuming. With the HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System you are in total control of the cleaning chemicals and soil at all times.

Our Products have just been re-evaluated by WoolSafe & Greenseal approval and re-approved for 2017. The WoolSafe Carpet Cleaning Product Evaluation and Accreditation Protocol was first established in 1991 and describes the tests, performance requirements and standards used to evaluate and accredit the chemicals used for the cleaning and maintenance of wool carpets and rugs. It is detailed in WoolSafe Standard WS1001: “Protocol for the evaluation and accreditation of carpet cleaning chemicals for the WoolSafe Mark”. The test methods used to evaluate, and the performance criteria for accepting or rejecting, carpet maintenance products as being suitable for cleaning, maintaining and protecting wool carpets, are based on accumulated carpet performance data and on internationally used standards and tests. They are set out in the WoolSafe Standards WS1003: “WoolSafe Test Methods”. Samples are tested to determine acceptable additives, alkalinity, colourfastness, re-soiling characteristics and performance so you can feel confident pursuing business cleaning wool carpet and rugs. Wool is a great performing fibre and HOST and von Schrader products meet your wool cleaning needs. For more information look at

Much time, effort and expense are required for earning WoolSafe & Greenseal ™ approval.

You can access marketing information and logos through the Green Seal website at Click on the “green business” tab then click on “using the Green Seal Mark” on the left side of the page. You will be asked to register to access the marketing material. When registering, you can find the HOST and Von Schrader products under the “GS-37 Cleaning Products for Industrial and Institutional Use” product designation. Choose HOST or Von Schrader as the product manufacturer. The mark that you will be able to download and use in all of your marketing pieces reads “We Proudly Use Green Seal™ Certified Products”.

This is a great opportunity for you to promote cleaning to your environmentally conscious customers.

Cleaning Viscose Rayon Upholstery with the Aridex or Esprit Upholstery Cleaning Machine

Viscose (Rayon) fabric looks good, but has low resilience, poor dimensional stability (i.e. it’s prone to both shrinking and stretching) and wrinkles easily when wet. So the key is to minimise moisture and dry quickly whilst grooming the pile. So you can, with great care, clean this fabric

Use Von Schrader Blue Label Anti Resoil Detergent, but that it is vital that you leave the suite dry and groomed before you leave the premises. Tackle the job slowly and clean a section at a time. Natural drying is OK but can be aided by blowers or you can use a salon sized hair dryer on the lowest or no heat setting. The key to all of this is gentle grooming and leaving the suite dry. Always try a test area before proceeding with the clean.

Remember grooming whilst drying is the key to success. Ask about our grooming brush!

Cleaning the Freestyle

Talking to James Henderson – Visitor Services Manager for OCS at the Bon Accord/St Nicholas Centres, Aberdeen he tells me that his teams clean the Freestyle equipment at the beginning of the shift as they do a better job because at the end of the shift they are tired. As the equipment is in continuous use this doesn’t seem to be a problem.