Training Seminar Dates

Our 2019 Training Seminar Dates are as follows

Thursday 6th February
Thursday 7th March
Tuesday 16th April
Tuesday 14th May
Thursday 13th May

Summary of Content

Why is carpet different to other floor coverings?
2. A brief look at Carpet Construction and Fibres
3. What are the challenges posed by Carpet Cleaning – Its all about extraction.
a. What types of Soil are there?
b. Where does soil come from?
4. Components of successful cleaning – Vacuuming/Chemistry/Heat/Agitation/Time
5. Host System – how it challenges and can beat the standard industry systems
a. The importance of dry soil extraction
b. Releasing “sticky” soil. Water/Detergent/Cleaning agents – What are Host Sponges?
6. Hands on how to use the Host system. Filtration/Brush Selection/Technique
7. Improving the environment – Green Clean and Dry proposition. The Importance of Indoor Air Quality
8. Cleaning challenging fibres and Surfaces, Sisal/Coir, Triextra, Tencel, LVT and Grouted Tiles
9. Maintaining your HOST equipment with Steve Parker
10. Costing Methods – Per sq Metre or Per Hour or Per Day
11. Presenting HOST Carpet Cleaning
a. Problem Solving, Pre Treatments, Spot Removal, Post Treatments
b. When say No to cleaning and Yes to restoration.
12. A brief introduction to the Aridex Upholstery System

The Cost?

If you buy a HOST Freestyle or Liberator Special Deal then the Training Seminar is free. We will even book you in to a local hotel, at our cost, on a bed and breakfast basis for one night. If you are a continuing user of HOST systems then this seminar is also free, sorry no hotel and subject to availablity.

Otherwise the cost is a measly £125.00 (VAT included) and if you then buy a system then the price will be reduced by the £125.00 you have invested.

Please email for more information or to reserve a place.