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PRELIM™ Upholstery Pre-Spray 3.79 litres (1 US gallon) Code C1659 Esprit & Aridex SystemsPRELIM Upholstery Pre Spray

General Description:  Prelim Upholstery Pre Spray concentrate is especially formulated to loosen stubborn, heavy soil from even delicate upholstery fabrics. Has a pleasant citrus fragrance that will continue to linger after cleaning has been completed.

When to Use: Prelim should be used prior to cleaning any heavily soiled fabric as a pre-spray treatment. Allow to dwell 10 minutes prior to actual cleaning.

Why to Use: Time-saving Prelim will reduce the need for spotting and attendant abrasion. It makes excessive brushing or cleaning unnecessary. The concentrated pre-spray Prelim can be diluted to suit any soil condition for maximum economy.

Physical Data: Dilution 10.1 to 5.1 pH Factors: 7.3 (in concentrate form) 6.7 (in dilute solution) Price : £36.03 ex VAT per bottle.MSDS_HOSTBuy Logo

Leather Lotion 0.475 litre Code C1769
Esprit & Aridex Systems

Leather Lotion

General Description: Leather Lotion safely strengthens, preserves and nourishes fine leather. It’s a rich creamy liquid that is specially formulated for smooth, finished leather upholstery.

When to Use: For use during or after cleaning finished leather upholstery

Why to Use: To restore and condition cleaned leather and restore natural oils lost in the cleaning process. Also available in Leather Care Combo Pack.

Physical Data: Dilution: Leather Lotion is applied full strength pH Factors: 7.0 (in solution form) . Also available in Leather Care Combo Pack (1 x Leather lather & 1 x Leather Lotion plus Application Mitt).

Price: £17.16 per bottle |Buy Logo Combo Pack Price £39.82 |Buy LogoMSDS_HOST

Leather Lather 0.95 litre Code C1767
Esprit & Aridex Systems

Leather LatherGeneral Description: Leather Lather has been pH balanced and formulated to effectively clean all types of smoothly, finished leather furniture and vehicle interiors.

When to Use: Use when cleaning finished leather upholstery or goods

Why to Use: For safe and effective cleaning of leather using the Aridex or Esprit Upholstery Low Moisture Soil Extraction System. Also available in Leather Care Combo Pack (1 x Leather lather & 1 x Leather Lotion plus Application Mitt).

Physical Data: Dilution 40ml of liquid cleaner to 1 litre of water pH factors 8.0 in dilute form.

Price: £18.08 per bottle | Buy LogoMSDS_HOST Combo Pack Price £39.82 |  Buy LogoMSDS_HOST