Washing Up Liquid

Washing Up Liquid – More of a Problem Maker than Solver? WoolSafe say yes it is and what’s more we agree with them! This is what WoolSafe said.

“Which? tested several carpet spot removal products and graded them on price, ease of use and how well they removed spills. Which? also looked at home remedies and, in their wisdom, recommended using washing up liquid to remove spills from carpet. It was this very poor advice that caught our eye and WoolSafe began to dig a bit deeper.

The reason why Which? can recommend washing up liquid is because they don’t test the rate of soiling after application. What is the point of cleaning up a spill only for all the dirt to stick to the washing up liquid residue left behind? You just end up with a dirty great big stain.

WoolSafe also found, under controlled testing, that some of the spotters recommended by Which? caused rapid soiling, bleaching, colour run and one was even highly combustible!

We decided to broaden the testing to even more products on the High Street and this is our alarming discovery:

  • 75% – that’s 3 out of 4! – of the random selection of spot removers FAILED the WoolSafe standard tests (and are therefore not suitable for use on all carpet fibres, including wool)
  • Over half of the products will cause rapid soiling, leaving your carpet in a worse state than if you had done nothing!
  • Half the products are not even effective spot removers!
  • 25% will adversely affect the colour fastness of the carpet!

Of the 3 highest rated ‘Best Buys’ the top product failed WoolSafe testing on both colour fastness and rapid soiling….

So if you can’t trust 3 out of 4 spotters not to damage your carpet and you can’t trust Which? Best Buy advice, then how can you be sure you are choosing a safe and effective product?

The answer is really simple: look for the respected WoolSafe Certification Mark on the bottle or packaging. WoolSafe have been identifying the very best cleaning and maintenance products for over 25 years.”

We agree that a WoolSafe approved spotter, such as the HOST Spotter is the way to go. We would always recommend using the spotter on a microfibre cloth and working inwards on the spot and getting that spot into a solution. The other point to make is that the extraction of this emulsified spot is critical and using HOST Sponges either as normal or maybe as a sort of poultice works. We are more that satisfied that a failure to extract active cleaning solutions is a major cause of resoiling. Washing up liquid promotes resoiling.