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Which HOST Brush Should I use?

“Which HOST brush should I use?” is a question that frequently comes up and then followed by “How do I decide when not to use a particular brush?”

All HOST machines are sold with a set of white brushes as the standard, the other brushes we offer would be available as accessories. We made this decision because we have learned over the  years that the white brush is the best choice for regular, every day Extractor Vacuuming in commercial facilities.

The users asked, “When is the zebra brush appropriate?” As always, the choice of brushes is dependent on several factors: type of carpet fibre, carpet texture (loop pile, cut pile), soiling condition and the process, for example, daily Extractor-vacuuming or HOST cleaning.

Carpet Fibre

Synthetic fibres, such as Nylon, Polypropylene and Polyester, can be brushed with stiffer brushes. Natural fibres, such as Wool, Silk and Sisal, are brushed with softer brushes.

Carpet Texture

Loop pile carpets can be brushed with stiffer brushes; cut pile carpets are brushed with softer brushes. Loop pile carpet made from wool fibres should be brushed with softer brush

So the rule is, the lower, denser the carpet texture is, the more aggressive the brush that can be used. The zebra brush is best for low loop pile and low cut pile carpet. The higher, less dense the carpet texture is, the softer the brush that should be used. The gold and white are best for high cut pile carpet. The use of these brushes applies to all carpets, whether installed in a commercial facility or in a residence. A good test is to run the back of your hand over the carpet, does it feel soft or harsh to the touch?

Soiling conditions – if the carpet is heavily soiled, a stiffer brush will deliver better results, but it is always important to be aware of the effect of the brush on the texture – there is a compromise between cleaning result and texture change.

Process – since daily Extractor-Vacuuming is a frequent activity, it is best to use the less aggressive white brushes for that purpose. The zebra brushes tend to wear faster than the white, so using them only for restoration cleaning is a replacement cost savings issue.

Every machine used for commercial premises should have a set of white brushes and a set of zebra brushes. While machines sold for residential use should have a set of white brushes and a set of gold & white brushes.

Remember if cleaning unsealed grout or other hard floors are part of the plan, a set of red brushes are needed.

This should answer the question, “Which HOST brush should I use?”


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