Wool and Wool blend carpets still have a high share of the UK carpet market. Despite their premium price these carpets still offer fantastic value for money and respond to being looked after. HOST and Woosafe recognise this and that’s why HOST are strongly associated with the Woolsafe Organisation. The WoolSafe® Organisation is a resource for information and advice about carpet and rug care. It’s in a continuous dialogue with carpet owners, carpet suppliers and the providers of carpet care products. The HOST cleaning products range is WoolSafe approved

Woolsafe logoThis mark can be seen on our packaging, product information and on our advertising material for carpet maintenance chemicals. Whether it is a product for professionals or for domestic use, it is a sign of excellence. It means that the product had been independently tested against stringent international criteria and found to be safe and effective to use on wool carpets and rugs. Used according to our instructions, these products will not cause damage to the fibres or colours and will not promote rapid resoiling.

All approved products are subject to annual re-evaluation testing to ensure they continue to meet the WoolSafe® requirements.

The Green WoolSafe® Mark means products are proven to be environmentally responsible and in the case of HOST products thi is fulfilled as our products meet the requirements of Green Seal GS-37 standards.

All approved products are subject to re-evaluation testing to ensure they continue to meet WoolSafe® requirements. For further information about WoolSafe click on the logo or HERE

HOST products have met the more stringent criteria of the fifth edition of GS-37, Greenseal’s environmental standard for institutional and industrial cleaners released in August 2009.


Greenseal, a not for profit organisation, are based in Washington DC and are the premier independent eco-label in the USA. The fifth edition of GS-37 tightened the restrictions regarding reproductive toxins and volatile organic compounds as well as prohibiting phthalates and chemicals known to cause asthma.

Greenseal Certified logo
This updated standard now goes further than any National cleaning product standard in protecting human health and the environment. Products certified under the new GS-37 standard are amongst the greenest cleaning products available on the market.

Green Seal Certification is awarded to products that meet their standards of performance, safety and reliability. HOST’s re-certification confirms the company’s wish to continue to encourage consumers and businesses to make responsible choices that positively impact and improve the quality of the environment.

For more information click on on the Greenseal logo or click HERE